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Custom Decals, Signs, 3D Sculptures and More​

Established in 1962, Crescent Decal aims to provide the best products available in today’s graphics market, along with a wide array of support services for our clients.  Whether you have an advertising agency, small business, event needs, or just an idea, we can bring your vision to life!  Equipped with the latest digital technology, our sales staff, full-service art department, and meticulous production crew can service simple to demanding print production. We take pride in all of our customers and strive to help them reach their goals… from art to finish!

Every mile a vehicle wrap is driven, it can generate up to 600 impressions per mile.

Cut vinyl can be a great and cost effective way to put your brand on the road! Any color, reflective or not, we’ve got you covered!

Regardless of the substrate, a reflective sign provides visibility and is a great solution for warning signs, safety and parking signs.

We love working with local artist to produce their one-of-a-kind prints, or even mass produce posters for festivals and special events!

With many size, color and material options, a roll label can have many applications such as product labels, calibration decals and much more!

Many businesses, universities and government municipalities have marked parking areas for specific personnel.

Easy visibility for either parking, residential or commuter use (available as double-sided and consecutively numbered).

This special material allows you to display graphics on the outside, while still allowing those inside to see out.

By pairing our CNC Router with some styrofoam, we can create large-scale, one-of-a-kind displays!

After we route your custom mold, we can transform a sheet of plastic into a product unique to your brand!

Want to make a big impression, but need it to be temporary? We’ve got you covered with our removable and changeable vinyl!

We have the ability to engrave your logo or favorite design on drinkware with a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes.


Our sales team is trained and backed by the industry professionals at 3M to ensure you are satisfied with your product.


Our fully-staffed art department is equipped and ready to create and design your product. We are here to help make your vision a reality. 


We stand by our tradition to provide the best quality and service. Serving the Greater New Orleans area and across the country for 60 years.


Our installers are available by appointment to complete off-site applications, and we can ship your products wherever you are.

Let’s discuss your next project!